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>To: "Brendan O'Mara" <omarab@peak.org>
>From: mryan@adan.kingston.net (Michael Ryan)
>>(I have posted on this topic before, but still have
>>more and more problems! Please read on...)
>>I am having MASSIVE trouble with my climate control system
>>in my 84 Audi 5000S with digital climate control.
>>I have tried all the 'simple' fixes suggested to me
>>(corroded contacts etc) but this is not the fix.  I have
>>obtained two additional control heads and none of them
>>have any display output (no LED indicators, no digital
>>display whatsoever.)  I have checked voltage and grounds
>>to the board (by checking at the PC board inside) and
>>every board related to the climate system has voltage and
>>a good ground (below .03ohms resistance).  The only
>>thing on the control head that works is the night illumination
>>lights.  The other interesting thing is that the original
>>system 'died' slowly, and intermittently.
>>I was hoping you could assist me in finding the problem.
>>I have heard about a diagnostic mode which I have not found
>>how to use yet.  If you don't have any ideas, do you have
>>any other suggestions that you can point me to?  Does Delco
>>have any tech support that you know of?  Any good Audi
>>electricians that can help me by phone?  I have also seen
>>mention of Bentley manuals but don't know where to find them.
>>Would a library have them?
>>Thank you very much,
>>Brendan O'Mara
>I don't know if anyone has tried this but I am going to attach two bit
maps. They can been found in the Bentley-- Section 87.4. I has used uencode
if one of the others like MIME would be better let me know.
>Brendan if you want I could fax the two BMP's to you if this does not work.