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Re: Strut cartridge replacement question

>From: mryan@adan.kingston.net (Michael Ryan)
>Subject: Re: Strut cartridge replacement question
>>I am planning to replace the front strut cartridges on my 84 Coupe GT
>>this coming weekend.  I will also be replacing the strut bearings. My
>>question is regarding the removal of the old shock unit which is built
>>into the strut itself (it's not a cartridge).  My Bently manual
>>shows that the cap which secures the old shock unit into the strut
>>requires a special tool.  The tool is basically like socket except that
>>it fits INSIDE the cap (the inside edge of the cap is hexagonal.  The
>>manual indicates that this cap is on pretty tight and that the tool is
>>necessary.  My friendly Audi dealer tells me that this "socket" tool
>>can be had for only $95.  If that weren't bad enough, the tool will
>>only be used once as the new cartridges use a different style cap.
>>They are willing to use their tool to remove them for me for $30.
>>My question is - has anyone done this job without the tool? I am
>>thinking that a pair of channel-locks or a vice grip pliers may work
>>since I don't care about the old cap.
>>If the tool is absolutely necessary, where can it be found for less $$?
>>                                                          Thanks,
>>                                                          Jeff Wozniak
>Yes, from experience of doing the same job. I used a pair of Channel lock
>Michael Ryan
>87 5kCSQT