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Re: Strut cartridge replacement question

Jeff said:
requires a special tool.  The tool is basically like socket except that
it fits INSIDE the cap (the inside edge of the cap is hexagonal.  The
manual indicates that this cap is on pretty tight and that the tool is
necessary.  My friendly Audi dealer tells me that this "socket" tool
can be had for only $95.  If that weren't bad enough, the tool will
only be used once as the new cartridges use a different style cap.
They are willing to use their tool to remove them for me for $30.
My question is - has anyone done this job without the tool? I am
thinking that a pair of channel-locks or a vice grip pliers may work
since I don't care about the old cap.
If the tool is absolutely necessary, where can it be found for less $$?

Jeff, I have the tool - if you are in the Wash DC area,
you could borrow it. If not, you can get it from Baum Tools,
in Florida, for something like $60. (don't have the number
handy, but can get it if you want.)

Personally, I don't recommend channel-locks or similar
implements for things like this. Not only do you chew things
up, but you won't be able to torque it properly when
reassembling. Just my $0.02.

Eric T.    '86 5kS