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5000s with asthma

Well, I must have really pissed the Audi gods, while driving
the mighty 5000S (was driving it while I waited for the 
parts guy to deliver the "updated" lock part for the 
1990 V8...but that's another story). Well, at first there
was a noise coming from the front of the dash which seemed to
sound like a blower blade catching on leaves or something.

But, after I stopped on a quiet empty lot (not quite as empty
as my wallet feels lately) I shut the beast down, and the noise
coming from under the dash sounds just like a lung machine.
It's like a vacuum switch cycling. Two weeks ago I replaced 
the heater core (a piece of cake compared to the Volvo one
I had done previously), but had I neglected to attach something
it should have manifested itself before now. Heat and AC controls
SEEM to be working normally.

I suspect what it might be, but can anyone give any suggestions?
I'm hoping it's NOT what's behind the glove box....$$$.


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