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SCCA auto-x *this* SAT!

 Gl> glen.powell@smc.com Date: 17 Oct 1995 12:34:53 -0400

 Gl> SCCA NEDIV is hosting a Solo II auto-x at the New Hampshire
 Gl> Technical School off Rte 93 in Concord NH. First car off is at 10:00
 Gl> am. The _Fundsalo Racing_ 4KQ will be competing in HS. Come and see
 Gl> just how uncompetetive an underpowered, overweight, understeering,
 Gl> poorly-driven 4000 Quattro on last-years used tires can be! I'd just
 Gl> love to see some of the group show up with their Quattros. I plan to
 Gl> bring my  black '85 ur-Q as well, so if you'd like to get a look at
 Gl> her and see some action and other Quattros this would be a good
 Gl> chance. 
 Gl> Take I93 Exit 15 onto I393 East, then take Exit #1 to the NH Tech
 Gl> School. It's right off the highway.

 Gl> CU there,

 Gl> -glen

    Sounds like fun..but excuse the ignorance, but exactly what is
    an Auto-x? Is it like a rally? Is it a rally?  


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