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Re: Fri 13th!! :P and question -LONG

Once I got home I discovered that my right front turn signal was
burned out... ok, no biggy... just popped a new one in and I was
set! (or so I thought)...   Recently my left front (go figure)
blinker has decided to blink very rapidly (sometimes) for no
apparent reason.  Hmmm... the bulb is fine, I switched it just to
be sure -as well as the fuse.  It still does it!!  Not all of the
time, but just once in a while... it's getting on my nerves about
now.  hahaha..   Anyone had the same problem??  Any ideas?? 
Hmmm....  to I hear the gods chanting in the distance?  ;)

Graci for your help, and I hope you enjoyed the curse of the 13th!


'87 4kcsq (that wants to make FAST left turns!) ;) 


Your problem is still related to the right front turn signal. I
suspect that the right front turn signal is intermittent and is
causing occasional rapid blinking from the left one. 
Apparently, these turn signal timing circuits are load-dependent
and frequency goes up when one turn signal bulb fails.

Ljubisa Stevanovic (stevanov@crd.ge.com)