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Brooktree Audi in Mass.

While trying to catch up with a pile of old digest messages I
came across one about bying an Audi from a Brooktree Audi dealer.
All I can say from personal experience, be very carefull!

This summer I saw an ad in Boston Globe for 5ktq "excellent
condition" with a relatively low asking price. I thought it was 
a private person, but when I called it turned out to be the 
Brooktree Audi. I tought the price was too low for a dealer and 
was hesitant to drive for 4 hours (from Albany, NY to Boston, MA)
just to see a neglected car. So I talked to them several times asking
about condition of the car and mentioned where I live and I was 
repeatedly reassured that the car was indeed in an "excellent shape," 
"9 on a scale from 1 to 10," etc., etc. I also asked if the car needed
any repairs (I went through my usual list of specific items starting 
with hydraulics) and if there were any signs of accidents/repaints.
Again, they reassured me that the car didn't need anything and that
they had all the records from the previous owner documenting all
repairs. They also told me that tere were no signs of accidents/
repaint. Too good to be true? That's what I tought, but since I was
looking for such car, I had to go see it. 

So I went there one Sat. and as soon as I saw the car from about 
30-50 ft distance I noticed that the paint was not matching on
some panels. That was just the beginning. The car was in a LOUSY
condition, with a leaking rack (Dennis Shea went to explain how
it "just started leaking the other day," dead AC, rusted exhaust,
engine compartment covered with grime and rust like it's never
been opened before. I did'n bother taking it for a test drive, but
when I started the engine some blue smoke came out at the back!

So, after a 4 hour drive and 10 min checkover, I was angry as hell 
and headed back home. Their response was: "What do you expect from 
a car that's eight years old?" 

As they say, YMMV, but I would NEVER go back to the Brooktree Audi.

Ljubisa Stevanovic (stevanov@crd.ge.com)