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5ktq: Can't get outter CV joint off

This weekend I set out to replace both front outter CV boots on my newly 
acquired '88 5ktq. BTW, both boots were ripped by chains used to tie down 
the car onboard truck by idiots who transported the car for me.

Following Bentley, Net Wisdom and Hanes instructions I removed both front
halfshafts without any problems. Removed remaining shreds of both CV boots 
(that's how bad they ripped them up), cleaned remaining grease and tried 
to remove the outter joint by using a flimsy pair of circlip pliers and
a small plastic hammer (Bentley says to spread the circlip and LIGHTLY tap
on outter CV joint hub with a soft drift). How optimistic! Three hours latter, 
I decided it was time for a trip to Sears. Bought a bigger pair of circlips;
it became much easier to hold the circlip open, but after another hour of 
tapping and swearing, the joint still wouldn't budge. 

Time to use a bigger hammer, I said to myself. Called my neighbour to help 
me hold the circlip open, found a small wood block and wedged it against the 
joint hub, got my old 3lb hammer... It still wouldn't budge!
(BTW, I was equally unsuccessfull with the other outter CV joint.)

I dont' think it's the circlip that's causing the problem. I can get it to
spread completely in that little window/recess. The joint is simply stuck on
the halfshaft and it's going to take more force to get it off. Last night 
I sprayed some WD40 around the circlip and left it soaking. I'll try to see 
if it works when I get home, but I'm not holding my breth. 

Has anybody else been through one of these and has a trick that works?
I think I pretty much ran out of ideas and am willing to try anything that
doesn't require special (read expensive) tools. Of course, there is that last
option; take it to a mechanic and watch him use REALLY BIG hammer. Ouch!

Thanks in advance,
Ljubisa Stevanovic (stevanov@crd.ge.com)