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Apology, Pt. 2 (the reservations)

I am APPALLED at the responses I have gotten from this situation.  The
'gentler' ones have been on quattro, but some of what I got sent to me at
work were disgusting.

Yes, I realize that getting a slew of dumb messages is a pain, a nuisance,
stupid, etc.,  BUT CUT ME A BREAK!  It wasn't my fault and I (or anyone else
who might have mail problems) wasn't even given a chance to explain.  After
downloading today's list and expecting to get lamblasted, I was fuming after
reading all the "who the hell is this idiot and where does he get off" mail.
 The email address was new (not my AOL address), but does this mean you can
jump all over anyone you don't know?  God help the first timer who has mail

I now feel an apology is due me for being vilified unduly.  I enjoy this list
and have learned a lot that has helped me understand my car's idiosyncracies,
but this has left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  (Pentosin?)

IMRALLYIST@AOL.COM (please don't use my work address.  I just found out it's