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Re: Auto mechanics for beginners...

In a message dated 95-10-20 23:49:59 EDT, you write:

>Do you have a recommendation of a book which provides a beginner with a 
>basic understanding of how an automobile functions?  I would love to 
>learn a lot more about my vehicles, but I need to start at the beginning.
You can try the method I used: by a very old, very rusty English sports car
as your first car.  In six months, I knew more about repairing/rebuilding
cars than I ever thought possible.  I also learned lots of new swear words.
 (Which I'm now using at my MIS department, but that's a whole other can of
worms! :-)

Seriously, I feel a book will be of some use to learn the names of things and
some basic concepts, but there's no substitute for getting your hands dirty.
 Try your local Vo-Tech school for a mechanics class, or perhaps a community
college evening program.
Perhaps someone on the quattro list lives near you and will let you help
while working on their car.  We're always looking for a grunt... uh, sorry,
helper to hold the transmission while we bolt it back in place.  In the rain.
 In a dark parking lot.  On a Sunday night when all the stores are closed.
 And we have to be at work in 4 hours.