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1990 CQ (Also 1988-92? Quattro 80/90) Exhausts...

Hi everyone!

I've been on the digest version for a long time (hardly get to read
everything due to the volume), but I just encountered a problem that could
have been prevented on my 1990 Coupe Quattro.

I noticed the rear muffler was hanging a bit low on the right side, and then
noticed that the "donut" or "retaining ring", made of rubber (with a chain
inside) had broken. I had drived only 60 miles maximum with it, but even so,
the pipe above the rear diff. had angled down onto the right "axle"/CV joint
and this rotating part had put a nice hole in it! Also, I noticed the right
side was leaking gear oil, a bit too fresh for my liking...

I took it to the dealer, who evaluated just the muffler replacement, and he
quoted me $ 700.00! I think I'll try to get it off first, and have a welder
patch the hole up, as the muffler is in great shape otherwise.

First off all, I want to WARN EVERYONE with this type of muffler setup -
Bentley shows it to be every Quattro model, so please check these rubber
things that hold up your exhausts...mine has one on the pre-muffler as well,
and I will be replacing the other two very soon. (the car is now benched!)
Personally, I would just replace them every 4 years or about 90K mi...

The question is, what would you guys do with the rear diff leak? I want to
change the fluid back there anyway (probably with RedLine)- should I just do
it first and see whether there is a substantial leak, or should I have the
dealer replace the seals on that side/both sides?

BTW, thanks for everyone's help on my ventilation motors, removal of the
center console, etc. I finally got my A/C working this summer - all it took
was a little silicon spray (but after pulling the whole thing (console)
apart! :-)   )

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro, 65K mi
1986 Chevy Caprice, 295K mi