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Bad vibrations on a 5k...

With all this discussion about demon wheels and shaking suspensions, I got
to wondering about the source of the problem I experience with my 5k every
morning: For the first mile or two, the car vibrates as if a wheel was out
of balance or one of the tires was flat-spotted ... then it goes away!

My first guess was that it was the road itself but if I turn around and go
back over the same route, everything is fine.  I've checked wheel balance,
tire pressures, alignment, rim straightness, etc. but found nothing out of
line.  I replaced all four CV joints in February along with the suspension
bushings, control arms/balljoints, tie rods, etc. and the car drives great
otherwise.  I haven't yet replaced the wheel bearings and plan to do so as
soon as I have some free time but I doubt that's the cause of this (so far
as I can tell, they're fine and replacing them is preventive maintenance).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it might be or what I should look at
next?  It's not a big problem but one of those minor annoyances that Audis
are famous for and which occasionally tempts me to play with matches while
filling it with gas... 

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