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Re: Pre '89 NG motors v. post '89 NGs

In a message dated 95-10-19 08:50:24 EDT, you write:

>> I'm in the market for a used NG code 2.3L motor and noticed that,
>> to the Bentley manual, there are two versions of this motor ... or at
>> two different cams were used, depending upon the build date.  They're
>> at the same power output (130hp/140ft.lbs) but I assume one of them must
>> stronger than the other ... I'm guessing the later version but don't have
>> clue about it otherwise.  Any input/idle speculation/informed
>> rumors will be greatly appreciated (as will a great deal on a used
>Im pretty sure my 4000sq was the NG code, actually Im really sure, and it 
>was rated at 115 hp. Although I thought this was conservative since it 
>seemed to go quite well, I often wondered about this rating.  Is it 
>possible there were more than 2 versions?

Wasn't the 4ks/csq 115hp motor a 2.2L?  I don't have any of my materials from
my '87 anymore, but I thought the 2.3 wasn't installed on the B series cars
(4k/80/90) until '88.