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TQC Euro Light Answers (sorta)


I'm a little confused. The Euro lights I installed in my TQC have two separate
bulbs and reflectors within the housing. The low beam bulb has two filaments -
one for high and one for low. There's also a whole separate light for the
high beam. So each euro light uses two connectors just like the quad lamps
do. The low beam plug fits the H1 in the euro light perfectly. The H4 high
beam bulb needed special plugs. I think I only had to move one wire and
they worked perfectly. The high beam indicator came on at the right time and
the bulbs illuminated correctly. So I'm confused as to how you could have
left the 2 prong connector "hanging". Don't you have to plug it in to the
high beam lamp?


'85 ur-q
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