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Re: MM - good tall tales

At 08:35 AM 10/31/95 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 95-10-31 08:22:20 EST, you write:
>> had a set of MMs last 170K miles on the street, and there's still plenty of
>>pad left.  Those CCs must really be something....
>Really now?  At 170k those MM must be something.....    And that would be
>"normal" driving I'm sure........  Is this 170k as in 170,000 miles?  You
>certainly deserve an award or a bonk on the head.....  

Well, I have over 160,000 miles on my 4000CSQ. the rear brakes and rotors
are factory origs. ( I'm the cars only owner so I know). The front pads and
rotors were replaced at about 70K mi. with OEM rotor and MM pads. I think
that is about 90K on the MM's which includes driving HARD at two QCUSA
events in which a co driver also drove hard (ever see a 17 year old let up
after dad's provided keys car and race course?). Observation #1; I have sig.
less wear on roter w/MM than I observerd with factory pads. Observation #2;
Visual inspection of pads and roter over lunch tells me I'm going to get a
lot more milage from these before they even start becoming marginal.
Observation #3; Milage may be a poor indicater of the wearability of a pad.
Most of my mils are on the Hwy since I live in a rural area. If I were
living in an area where roads are congested (St. Louis perhaps?)I would
expect different results. Bbased on my experiance, Richard does not need a
bonk on the head for making the statement he did. Perhaps you use left foot
braking to keep on boost, something us NA guys don't do.

Bruce Bell