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RE: Consumer reports

> unrealistic picture.)  And I have personally disproven their "List of Cars to
> Avoid". I have owned two Pontiacs that were on their list (a 1984 Pontiac

If I'm not mistaken, CR gets its data from people who own and use those 
cars. Well, I'm really suspecious here -- where ARE these people? Where 
does CR get them? Does CR have a "selectively random" data collecting there 
or what?

They always go apesh*t when Toyota or Honda puts out a "new-looking" car 
(despite that the mechanicals may be the same from previous generation). I 
noticed that CR always referred "new" Audis as "refreshed from last 
model" (you know, "a little wider, little longer... and from our 
experience from the last generation model..." blah blah). If so, by CR's 
standard, it will sound like Audi didn't create new car platform for 
decades! -- Audi just get "refreshed" -- unlike some of CR's "popular" 

Well, enough CR bashing for the day...

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