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Re: Audi A4 Power

> Right now the 2.8l V6 has 12 valve so you either go 24 valve (4 valve/cyl) or
> 30 valve (5 valve/cyl) total.  You are gonna have a real funky engine with 20
> I believe the 30 valve V6 is the future Audi A4 engine

I must say that current Audis which got V6s indeed need a powerful 
engine. Even the in the A4, the current 2.8 V6 is vastly underpowered for 
the car. Audi should seriously consider the I4 turbo and getting DOHC 
with better engine management to get most HP per litre out of those V6s. 

Since there's already new 3.7 V8 for for A8, why not put that into the 

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