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Re: Audi A4 Power

> > I believe the 30 valve V6 is the future Audi A4 engine

3 liters with 5V/cylinder = 30V is the last i heard.. i don't
know what's taking them so long.. the 5 valve 4 banger is out
and the V6 is a very close descendant of the inline 4....
> Since there's already new 3.7 V8 for for A8, why not put that into the 
> A6?

the 3.7 V8 is not new.  originally debuted in late 1988.  minor tweaks
here and there, but still basically a siamesed 1.8 16V golf GTI engine
(which goes back even further) with a super light alloy block.  even the
distributors are interchangeable with a GTI 16V... (latest discovery)

but there's no way a V8 is going to fit inside an A4 engine compartment.
i don't think that even the straight 5 would fit... it looked pretty
cramped with just the V6.. (the mechanic here was already bitching
luck a stuck pig)