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Re: Eibach ad

>      You hit the nail right on the head! Yesterday I was looking
>      at (laughing actually) at a chopped BMW 320, the top had so
>      much slop in it that it probably could never be driven in
>      the rain, the body was sagging, it had the chrome/gold plated
>      wheels, flourescent paint job (including bumpers, door handles
>      etc.), and a continental spare tire holder on the trunk with a
>      huge BMW typography on it. I could go on, but I sense some
>      on here might not have a strong enough stomach.
>      ...
>      partum abortion of his) and he just couldn't understand how
>      anyone could own a car like mine. (1990 pearl V8)  "Man, like
>      you gets no flash from that, you should at least get yourself
>      a Benz for that kind of money. Everybody be up on a Benz."  If 

Some people have their tastes on the bizzare side -- well, let me make it 
"most people." Personally, I like the Q-car concept -- but most people like 
the other way around, it seems. I've seen some weird taste being exercised 
from Honda Accords to Mazda Miatas. They're hilarious to see and watch! 
-- and sometimes it seems they're going to fall apart when they're trying 
to turn a corner.

I have Q'ed/modified my little Toyota. From the outside, it looks like 
any other I4 Camry -- even fooled the service department people 
at local Toyota dealer! But under that bonnet, there's a slightly 
modified V6. Although it will not beat a ready-to-burn-that-road Mustang 
5.0 at stoplight dragstrip, it WILL beat it when it's not suspecting 
anything spectacular from this little silly Toyota. (: (:

Of course, there are people who buy cars for image -- not its 
drivability. Look at all those FARMIN' (: trucks and SUVs out there -- 
how could anyone drive that especially on the highways!! And look at all 
those dress-up kits out there that do absolutely nothing to increase the 
handling or speed of the vehicle. 

Maybe that's why Audi's not selling too well -- they don't have 
gold-plated kits to tack on!

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