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Re: Farmin?????

> Of course, there are people who buy cars for image -- not its
> drivability. Look at all those FARMIN' (: trucks and SUVs out there --
> how could anyone drive that especially on the highways!!

Hold on, jump back.  Granted, bunches of the SUV's are bought for looks only,
but that isn't mostly the case.  My next vehicle WILL be a Yukon/Tahoe, and I
guarantee it isn't for image, it's goin' to be so I can beat the hell out of
it.  Quattro's are great cars, I'm certainly not going to get rid of mine when
I get that Tahoe, but you ever tried to go off the beaten trail in a Quattro?
 NOT happenin'.  If I drive my TQ up to the family cabin, it sits about 200
yards from the house, whereas my father's Explorer or my Scout can drive right
up to the door.  And on the highways?  Last week I got fed up with not being
able to see past the car in front of me, so I traded my housemate my TQ for his
S-Blazer.  Granted, the TQ is much more nimble in traffic, but I felt a hell of
a lot safer in that Blazer than I ever have in the TQ.  I could see what's
goin' on, plus, no-where near as many people cut me off, and I didn't have the
lowered Lexus's flyin' by then slowin' down tryin' to get a race out of me.  I
also give you I see as many lowered 4-Runners & Explorers as I do lowered
Civic's & Tercel's, but _most_ SUV owners are young families that don't want to
get in that mini-van segment.  This is also why all the SUV manufacturers are
going plush (you know you can't get a full size Chevy/GMC in a stick?
 Ludicrous) since most are bought to haul groceries, not to see the punishment
they were originally designed to take.  OK, I'm back off my soapbox...

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)