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Re: Farmin?????

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Spiers say:

> Hold on, jump back.  Granted, bunches of the SUV's are bought for looks only,
> but that isn't mostly the case.  My next vehicle WILL be a Yukon/Tahoe, and I
> guarantee it isn't for image, it's goin' to be so I can beat the hell out of
> it.  Quattro's are great cars, I'm certainly not going to get rid of mine when
> I get that Tahoe, but you ever tried to go off the beaten trail in a Quattro?
>  NOT happenin'.  If I drive my TQ up to the family cabin, it sits about 200
> yards from the house, whereas my father's Explorer or my Scout can drive right
> up to the door.  And on the highways?  Last week I got fed up with not being
> able to see past the car in front of me, so I traded my housemate my TQ for
> his S-Blazer.  Granted, the TQ is much more nimble in traffic, but I felt a
> hell of a lot safer in that Blazer than I ever have in the TQ.

Well, the answer is easy.

Get some of those big honkin' 'Murican truck springs, and raise the
car up, say, 36". Then, buy some of those neat-o off-road tires in
a really cool size like 305-85-16 and slap them on. Even better if
they are raised-letter whitewalls. Dont forget to attach at least
4 driving lights to the sunroof wind deflector.

See? Wasn't that easy? :-)

BTW, in case you think I'm completely joking about this, I saw an
American Eagle 4WD sedan that was outfitted just like this....

Honestly, every once in a while I think about SUV's. My brother drives
a Cherokee (so he can fish out on the beaches), and a friend has a
Cherokee and a Dodge Dakota. They both like my Audi, though. But,
after driving their cars, I just can't do it.


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