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Re: Dealers (was Re: ??)

On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, Ernest Wong wrote:

> [from Mike Oehler]
> [rusted off]
> >Second, yesterday, I just walked into Tischer Audi (in MD), handed them
> >my old muffler, and said give me a new one for free! They pleasantly
> >said "yes, sir'.
> >
> I bought my mid-resonator from dealer. They said it was guaranteed for
> life. It's on my 87 5000s. Waiting for rear muffler to rust lighten itself
> out (aluminized Ansa. Still holding together at 1.5 years).
> Then I can go for maybe a glass-pak for more growl. :-) Car sounded great
> when the factory muffler had a wallet sized hole in the bottom of it.

I replaced the rear muffler on my GL5 with a 27" Dynomax Glasspak.  
Whoa!!  These days I ride around with the windows down and the radio 
turned off.  I find myself searching for parking garages late at night 
just to hear the reverb.  The thing sounds awesome!  The best thing - 
$14.99 at Auto Zone!!!  

An added joy is that the pressure generated by the Glasspak sets off 
pressure/bump-sensitive car security alarms.  You can drive through a 
parking lot between 1500 and 2000 RPM and listen to 'em squeal!

Jeremy R. King
'86 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

> Ernest Wong
> esw5@cornell.edu