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Re: Dealers (was Re: ??)

[from Mike Oehler]
[rusted off]

>Second, yesterday, I just walked into Tischer Audi (in MD), handed them
>my old muffler, and said give me a new one for free! They pleasantly
>said "yes, sir'.
I bought my mid-resonator from dealer. They said it was guaranteed for
life. It's on my 87 5000s. Waiting for rear muffler to rust lighten itself
out (aluminized Ansa. Still holding together at 1.5 years).
Then I can go for maybe a glass-pak for more growl. :-) Car sounded great
when the factory muffler had a wallet sized hole in the bottom of it.

But I would like to keep some back-pressure for the TORQUE. God knows I
need it from 2000-4000. Especially on the hills.

BTW. Car sounded terrible when there was exhaust leak at cat. T'was like a
little bleaty MG (no offense to fun drophead coupes). Mid-pipe prolly does
something for the sound . . .

Ernest Wong