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Re: Dealers (was Re: ??)

On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, Michael J. Oehler wrote:

> Just wondering how many VW Rabbit parts go into my Coupe?
> -Mike

More than you might think would be my guess.  My former mechanic back in 
Nova Scotia (I lost my head and moved 2000km away) always used to know 
the crossovers.  I think I had to replace the fuel pump.  I walk into my 
local dealer and ask for the pump for an '83 UrQ.  Guy says "No way we 
stock that!".  I says howbout for a Rabbit?  Supposedly it is the same 
except for the location of the electrical contacts.  It certainly seems 
to be doing the job.

While I'm wasting BW, comment on ancient thread - there is a high school 
shop class here in Hamilton restoring a Levi's Denim Edition AMC Gremlin.

Kevin Bent
'83 Ur-Q
ex '70 Volvo 1800E (but looking again)