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Re: Interior lights on the blink

> My GL5 has the same problem.  There should be a 3-way switch that lets 
> you turn the interior lights off all the time.  It's kind of a bummer at 
> night when you're just getting in the car, but it's better than taking 
> out the light bulbs.  I'll be interested to see if anyone has any insight 
> into this perplexing annoyance.
... you just jogged my memory Jeremy ... don't the switches on the overhead 
lights allow you to turn them off manually?  On the '88 5k the light in the 
headliner between the front seats can be set to always on, always off or  
on by control of the door switch circuit; the map lights above the doors in 
the back seat operate the same way.  I remember that when I bought the car 
neither of the footwell lights in the front were working.  I checked it out 
and found that they had been disconnected.  I wondered what could happen to 
cause them both to pop out of the sockets ... I'll bet that the car had the 
same problem at some point in time.  Kinda reminds me about the story of 
what happened that caused the cow to be so mysteriously mutilated, but I'll 
spare you all ...

Steve Buchholz
'78 Audi Fox GTI 4+5
'83 Audi QTC
'88 Audi 5kCSQ Avant
(must be) Audi my mind! :)