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Re: Interior lights on the blink

follow on from the interior lights staying on problem discussion ...

... I looked into the Bentley for the newer 5k over the weekend.  It shows 
that there is a *single* controller for the lamps, and the wiring is fairly 
simple.  All of the door switches are wired in parallel to a single input on 
the controller, and there is an input that is energized whenever the igni-
tion switch is in the ON or START position and another input that comes from 
the central locking system.

>From what I see in the wiring, I'd put my money a bad lamp controller unit.
Although it seems like it is a simple relay, there is a circuit board inside
and the circuitry has probably gone south ... If I had the problem, I'd prob-
ably try to take the thing apart and fix it before being forced to go out and
buy another one ...

To rule out a flaky switch you might want to leave several doors open ... 
the controller should shut the lights off eventually.  It would probably
be worthwhile taking a voltmeter to the pins to make sure that the LOCK
and IGN ON signals are making it to the controller as well.  

Hpoer this helps!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)