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V8 questions.......

Ok, just got back from Pass & Weisz who charged 114.- to check it out...... 
I think I've just been initiated to V8 ownership :-(

Anyway this is the scoop.....

Compression check 225-230 on all 8 cylinders.

They said the front end pulls to the right..... I drove it for 45 minutes to get
it there
didn't notice any pulling, then when I left I purposely went for a 1/4 mile
without touching the wheel and it went perfectly straight..... hhhmmmmmm....

They said it needs an Oil pump seal,  and oil cooler lines..... hhmmmmm....
it was serviced 4k miles ago at another Audi dealer they didn't mention this,
acording to the maintenance records this car has been to the dealer many 
times for what I would consider minor problems.....  I did see some sludge 
around the fittings but no oil.... hhhmmmm again....   
They quoted 1250.- parts and labor.

They say it needs pads all the way around and 2 front rotors.  925.- to do
fronts and 130.- for rears.  The other dealer say's 900.- to do same on all
4 wheels.  Eliot do 200q style rotors really cost 350.- each ? yikes!!!!
The car stops on a dime with no shimmy.  It does need pads but the rotors have
maybe 25k miles on them..... I'll check them myself and put pads all the way

They also said it needed sway arm bushings and lower control arm bushings.
35.- parts and labor per bushing.  

Eliot what do you pay for pads on your car and what do you use ? 

I beleive I have seen V8 posts from Mark and Randall also, any comments guy's ?


Mike L.
89 100 (For Sale)
89 100 Wagon
90 V8 soon.......