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Re: V8 questions.......

> They said it needs an Oil pump seal,  and oil cooler lines..... hhmmmmm....

get a second opinion.

> They say it needs pads all the way around and 2 front rotors.  925.- to do
> fronts and 130.- for rears.  The other dealer say's 900.- to do same on all
> 4 wheels.  Eliot do 200q style rotors really cost 350.- each ? yikes!!!!
> The car stops on a dime with no shimmy.  

don't bother changing the rotors if they are not warped.  i didn't.
(with the dealer's blessing too.  they intimated that brake work are
their most profitable item, so you see the "need" for that...)  even
if you needed to replace the rotors, you can shop the mail order
places in "european car"... i can't imagine that they would cost more
than $100 each.

> It does need pads but the rotors have
> maybe 25k miles on them..... I'll check them myself and put pads all the way
> around.

my car has 84K miles on the original rear rotors and about 50+K on the
fronts.  the front pads are still original, the rears were replaced
with repco metallics for about $35 a set.  labor was free, because i
went to the mechanic's house to help him unglue his PC ... :) :) :)

> They also said it needed sway arm bushings and lower control arm bushings.
> 35.- parts and labor per bushing.  

my car has not needed this.. and if it did it would have been done.
i trust my mechanics 100%.

> Eliot what do you pay for pads on your car and what do you use ? 

repco metalmasters.. cost about $30 to $40.. very happy with them.

i also had the dealer patch a hole in my muffler for $40.. much better
than the $580+labor for a new one.. :)

check the battery fluid level.  it is not the "maintenence free" kind
and i've had to top up the water from time to time.. still have the
original battery and it's putting out 13.8 volts...

v8 ownership *can* be inexpensive... :)

looks like these guys are out to milk you good...