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Normal Aspirations

  I am willing to give up on low-end torque for my non-turbo (normally
aspirated or NA) 20V 5 cylinder, but only after one more plea.  Based on this
list and other sources, I conclude that the only viable methods for more
grunt are nitrous oxide and supercharging.  Nitrous just seems like cheating,
and it's a real turn-off for resale.  Supercharging (I hear) requires no
internal engine changes (unlike turbos).  Of course, it's an engineering
nightmare in the cozy Audi engine compartment.  Given the low number of Audis
out there and the cessation of the 5 cyl. program, aftermarket tuners are not
likely to undertake this sort of project.

BUT, with the resources of the net, perhaps we could generate a significant
demand for the right price.  The big questions is, (1) is it do-able at all?
and (2) what would the unit cost be assuming 25 units?  50 units?  Obviously,
the more flexible the "kit" is, the more demand there will be (e.g. for the
4000/90 and the 5000/100/200, 10V and 20V).

I know you turbo guys are bored by this NA talk, but bear with us.  With
counselling, we will learn to live happily within the 3500-6000 rpm band.

Greg Cirillo
Bethesda MD