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Fogging Windows

Yeah, it's me, the newbie again.  Don't worry, I won't drool over the looks
of MB's or BMW's this time (but, maybe the A4!  ;`))).  This is strictly an
Audi related problem.

This morning, while driving to work, the windows (yes, ALL of the windows)
in my '88 5KS suddenly fogged up!  It seemed to take less than a minute.  I
had the climate control set to *auto* at  68 degrees and I was driving at
about 50mph in snowy conditions.  There is no apparent "recirculate" feature
in this system, so I don't think it could have been that (or is that somehow
done automatically?).  I had to open the windows (outside temp: 29 deg)
while hunching over to see thru the only clear spot on the windshield ( 2
inches high just above the defroster vent).  Even after the fog was gone, if
I didn't keep a window slightly open or the fog would return.

What's going on here?  Is this my initiation to the Audi religion?  Am I
going to have to start making monetary sacrifices to the Audi Gods?

Gary - NYC
88 5KS
93 K1100RS