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Re: Fogging Windows

> This morning, while driving to work, the windows (yes, ALL of the windows)
> in my '88 5KS suddenly fogged up!  It seemed to take less than a minute.  I
> had the climate control set to *auto* at  68 degrees and I was driving at
> about 50mph in snowy conditions.  

Well, have you paid up your monthly dues to the Audi gods yet? Sounds
like you just got a hole in the heat exchanger. Did you also smell that
sweet antifreeze? Look at your antifreeze level and see if it's gone down.
Drips will be in the passenger foot area up against the center.

Rather than take this whole thing apart, I put a can of stop-leak
in (yuck!) and it cured the problem. Best of luck...

Bob Kunz