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V8 for sale - DC area dealer

Select Auto Imports has a '91 V8, 52K miles, Gold.  Excellent
condition, all records, etc.

We just purchaced a '90 V8 there.

If you are in the market, you may wish to check them out for these or
other Audis.  They specialize in high-line autos, and are low pressure
and offer Chase-Manhattan 100% finanacing.

When we test drove the car, the salesman handed us the keys and let us
"get comfortable" with the car for 4 hours!

We didn't buy the car that day.  They said "thanks" and gave us no
pressure.  A month later we called them back and they still had the
car, so we negotiated the price and purchaced it complete with a
2yr/24K warranty.

I called today to ask if they had an owners manual. We recieved
everything else - service book, audio, phone manual and leatherette
case, but no actual owners manual.

They are purchacing one from the dealer and sending it up - at their

Anyway, strong recommendation.  703-971-9100.  Al Hamanne.  Sales
manager is Robert  Also reasonable.  Car came fully serviced with 60K
timing belt done.