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Re: No "High flash"

>a)  Has this happened to anyone else?  If so, any war stories?
>b)  Is there a (possibly defective) relay which causes this "flick" 
>to occur? (Of course, I KNOW the solution won't be that simple.)
>c)  Any way that my running 100W highs/60W low halogen bulba might 
>have contributed to this??
>Thanks for your thoughts.

As far as I remember, Audi chose to be thrifty and save the cost of the
unnecessary extra relay. Hence the need to ADD this relay if you
want any sort of decent lights. Its EVEN MORE NECESSARY to add the relay
if you increase the power of the lamps...... those contacts were not
designed for the extra 40 watts when you "flick"..

Alan Cordeiro