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Re: 1 change to 60

>>I forgot to include this in my last post.
>>Yes, I am actually only doing one gear change to 60mph! The tire/wheel 
>>combo I have on the car is only 0.10 in. smaller than stock, so I feel 
>>that the gauge is fairly acturate. Anyway, I hit 60 (according to the 
>>gauge) at about 6300rpm. I'm still making power at this rpm and This was 
>>at 13psi of boost. I am assuming I could do it sooner if I were running 
>>22psi (this is where I run when I have race fuel in the tank). All the 
>>gearing is bone stock. Who ever knows if VDO gauges are accurate though?
>The gauge is not accurate, with your present gearing, which is shorter 
>than stock with you shorter tires the car will only do 55-56 mph on the 
>Rev limiter, Sorry but that's the way that it is!  You can check your 
>Speedo against mile makers on the highway at 60 on your speedo it should 
>take about 63 secs.
>Eric Fletcher
>STEADI RIC@aol.com
The speedometer is fed off the transmission, from the sensor that runs off the
revs from the final driveshaft. Therefore, whatever the size of the tire, 60 mph
relates to "x" rpm of the final driveshaft. I suspect SOMEHING ELSE is off here,
either the speedometer is off, the tach is off, or the final gear ratio in the
rear differential is different. 

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5kTQ, has already popped the intercooler, and the rubber pipe to the
but ( oh no, I'm asking for it ) no head bolts yet...
( only 11 or 12 psi boost )