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RE: Some Audi Info

>Hi Paul,
>I'm a new subscriber to the Quattro list. No Audi at this time, but am very
>interested in the new A4 and A3. Love to get some info on these cars or a
>jpeg. Do you think there will be a coupe version (S4?).

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date: 02/11/95
Time: 09:47:24

This message was sent by Chameleon 
There is a whole bunch of information in the last few Auto Motor und Sport
issues. It is based on the new upcoming Golf Chassis and Drivetrain.
There is an A4 Avant, but I have not sdeen any shots of the Coupe. I will post it 
when I get it.
VW is under the same cost pressures as any company so consolidating their chassis 
and drivetrain types is smart.  I hope that Audi keeps its quality rising.
Paul Rivera