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Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date: 02/11/95
Time: 09:47:24

This message was sent by Chameleon 
I called Advanced Motor Solutions in LA and spoke with Walter Urteaga concerning 
ABT mods.  Apparently they do only the VR6 HEadwork at this time and have not done 
a 2.8V6 Audi motor yet, but they are planning to.  I also asked them about my V8 
but they have not had a Guinea Pig to sully forward to the trough and pay up for 
the mods. 
$1300 for Big Valves Heads including R+R for the Vr6. 
Reach them at 310-559-7764. Sounds like they know what they are talking about.
Paul Rivera