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Re: looking for a Bentley for 84 4000

Actually, the Bentley Manuals are printed on Aluminum foil sheets to 
resist corrosion!

You won't get anything in the way of step-by-step procedures in the 
Bentley, but there's a picture of every washer on the car in there.  
Don't we all just look at the pictures anyway?!!  If you can find a used 
one - great.  But as pointed out before, you'll pay for a new one the 
first time you use it.  

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
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On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Dan Simoes wrote:

> If you've got one to sell, in any condition, please let me know.
> I could use it about now :)
> Bentley wants almost $100 for a new one!  Must be written on gold
> laminated pages or something.  If anyone has one of these, is it 
> a verbose manual (ie explains how to do things) or just for factory
> techs like the one for my 88 90 seems to be?
> Oh yeah - don't know when I'll have another, so the Bentley for
> my 88 90 is for sale.  Let me know if anyone is interested, it's
> basically new.
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