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Re: Tokyo Auto Show

Actually, I think "Audi A8 TdiQ" would grace a trunk lid very nicely!  It 
has a nice ring (or is that 4 rings) to it.

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart
                                 ddd    iii
                                  ddd   iii
  aaaaaa    uuu    uuu      ddddd ddd   iii
 aaaaaaaa    uuu    uuu    dddddddddd    iii
aaa    aaa   uuu    uuu   ddd     ddd    iii
aaa    aaa   uuu    uuu   ddd     ddd    iii
aaa    aaa   uuu    uuu   ddd     ddd    iii
 aaaaaaaaaa   uuuuuuuuuu   ddddddddddd   iii
  aaaaaa aaa   uuuuuu uuu   ddddddd ddd   iii

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, James N Gagliardi wrote:

> Excerpts from audi: 2-Nov-95 Re: Tokyo Auto Show  by Paul Rivera@server1.DELT 
> > As far as I can tell from speaking with the Audi folks last year, they 
> >feel that the W12 is too expensive as a solution, and the V8 with Turbos 
> >or a Superchager is a more cost effective solution.  They have a Turbo
> > Diesel V8 that makes 250 Hp flying around the test tracks in an A8.  
> >6 Litres per 100 Km at 160 Kmh. Good 
> >  
> > economy.
> > Paul Rivera
> Does anyone have anymore info on this Diesel A8?  I'm sure that it will
> never make it to the US, even if the A8 does.  If Audi is trying to
> invade the Mercedes market in the US like Lexus did a few years back,
> they definitely need a Diesel.  I'm not sure how they will fit all the
> letters onto the trunk though: " AUDI A8 QUATTRO TURBO DIESEL" in fact
> It's really tought to say that Diesels are better for the enviroment
> without fully analyzing both the refining process and the exhausts
> effect on the atmosphere, but it is clear that the higher compression
> ratios(~23:1) of a Diesel engine have a higher theoretical maximum
> efficiency.  
> James
> Can you tell that I used to own an Audi 5000 Diesel?