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Re: VW Quantum GL5Q?

>How much time would I be wasting trying to swap out my transmission and 
>rear suspension with either a VW Quantum Wagon Syncro system or a 4K 
>Quattro system?  I'm sure my car has the mounts available for the 
>Syncro.  Is this anywhere near feasible?

I think it will be more difficult than you think. The whole rear suppension
is different for the Q. It's full independant with struts. Sort of like
the front suppension turned around. The bodies are different too. 
For example, the Quattro has a shallow truck to allow room for the rear
suppension. You need to do a lot of cutting and welding to make it fit.

>I know, I know - just buy a 4KCSQ!

I think it would be a lot cheaper!

'86 4000CS Quattro