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Re: VW Quantum GL5Q?

Thanks for the info.  That's what I figured.  

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Fri, 3 Nov 1995, Barry P. Lewis wrote:

> >How much time would I be wasting trying to swap out my transmission and 
> >rear suspension with either a VW Quantum Wagon Syncro system or a 4K 
> >Quattro system?  I'm sure my car has the mounts available for the 
> >Syncro.  Is this anywhere near feasible?
> I think it will be more difficult than you think. The whole rear suppension
> is different for the Q. It's full independant with struts. Sort of like
> the front suppension turned around. The bodies are different too. 
> For example, the Quattro has a shallow truck to allow room for the rear
> suppension. You need to do a lot of cutting and welding to make it fit.
> >I know, I know - just buy a 4KCSQ!
> I think it would be a lot cheaper!
> Barry
> '86 4000CS Quattro