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Re: CS injector?

> How important is the CS injector on a stock 5kTQ?  And, How much does it 
> affect the engines performance?

The CS injector is only used for starting the car, and has no affect on 
the running of the engine once you've kicked it over.  (Unless, of 
course, you have a vacuum leak around the CS injector.)
> Can the Mercedes V8 CS injector be used on a 5kTQ also, or is this
> useless?  Thanks.

I doubt it.  I think the 5kTQ uses air shrouded injectors, if I'm not 
mistaken, whereas the UrQ uses the older technology non-air shrouded 
imjectors.  Since the Mercedes injectors plug right into the UrQ, I 
would assume that would mean that they are not air shrouded.

                                                         Dan Bocek