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The end of a sticky situation

So, finally some good news about the RS2 UrQ project.  This past weekend, 
as I was warming the car up by driving around the block (launching using 
the starter motor in 1st gear, ouch!) one of the times the engine sorta 
had trouble catching, so the car started lurching and bucking somewhat 
violently as the revs struggled to surge up to the 800 rpms it needs to 
idle.  In the midst of one of the lurches, the clutch just came unstuck from 
the flywheel and freed itself up.  I'll be re-registering the car and 
getting a 4 wheel alignment tomorrow, with bonzai runs to follow shortly 
after that (after the cam break in period).  I'll keep the list posted as 
information becomes available.

                                                         Dan Bocek