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60K costing $2k

I didn't know that at my age, 29, I could have a heart attack. Just did. My
brand new used Audi 200QTW with 59K on it started making a groaning noise
with additional vibration whenever the clutch was engaged. No noise when in
gear. Gee, hopefully it is just an adjustment.

So I need the 60K check, too, how convenient. 

Here's the damage:
60K check $370
replace all belts $280
NEED NEW CLUTCH (heart attack part). $1300
This is through my mechanic, who I trust.
The dealer who sold me the car (of course, no warranty applies) said they
would do the clutch for $1200 and an additional 10 to 15% off. They don't
know what exactly they could do (discount)-I just have to bring the car in.
Problem is, the dealer is 30 miles from home and 70 miles from work.
I got my mechanic to do the clutch for $1100. What should I do?
-twain "cardiac" mein 200QTW-Li (limping)