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Romeos singin' the Blues

In a message dated 95-11-06 17:52:54 EST, you write:

>Were you impressed or disappointed? Which Alfa models were those?

GTV6, an old coupe and a early 70's 4dr....  NOT impressive at all, and all
three were under their cars more than in them......  I would have expected
the totally race prepped IT 2.5l to kick some serious butt, wrong.....  Heck
Eric was turning better times, and the guy never lost me on his home track
(me never BTDT track), either.....  The brakes were an engineering nitemare
on the gtv, and the why question just kept lingering...........  Always liked
the looks of 'em tho.....  Heck, the clapped out 2002 was more exciting....