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Comments on 200QTWAGON

IF the interested party is still, well, interested...
I have been rather busy..missed the inquirer of the 200QTW; how to get one,
etc. I was fortunate enough to latch onto my 89 in August of this year.
Finding great Audis is definitely difficult. 

Suggestions: Auto Week always has URQuatts and usually a few 91 200QTs.  I
found mine via classifieds/local dealer. I would call every dealer in the
area first to get information and save you the trip. You might also try Steve
Krenzen @ 415-457-3137; he (not a dealer) specializes in locating Audis for
Northern California. A reputable, helpful dealer is Sonnen Audi in Mill
Valley @ 415-456-9040. Carlsen (Palo Alto CA) Audi has a few S4s (used) for
high twenties. 

As for the 200QTWagon.. This is truly the car that does it all-handling is
wonderful; it hauls four people in comfort; it is great to drive, it is
respectable without being snobby; you never see another; it can haul a lot of
stuff (though I don't want to wreck it at Home Depot with a load of peat moss
and bricks); and it has 4wd and ABS-wonderful feeling of confidence in the
rain (haven't tried snow yet.)

Pros: Great handling-for  a wagon, for any car. Incredibly flat even with
w/stock M/S tires and suspension. Beautiful, luxurious and functional
interior. Phenomenal leather seats, controls, etc. I never knew how wonderful
seat heaters could be. They even work on the rear bench. The "trunk" is
amazing. There is virtually no intrusion from the wheel wells. There is tons
of space in the spare tire compartment, ancillary areas. I can fit my
mountain bike (taking off both wheels first) in back WITH THE SEATS UP and
have it covered by the beautifully crafted cargo cover (that was a main
selling point as I take my bike to the city and need to hide it). Gas mileage
is respectable; 21 lowest; 23 average. I never get looked at by cops (so
far). It is very smooth and fast over 80 mph. Rear split seats fold with a
simple pull of a lever; the seatbelts are integrated. Seatbelts are also
height adjustable for front seats. I don't know how they made money on this
car; the engineering is amazing.

CONS: funky speedometer (posts aplenty on this one). Tires/wheels: you are
limited to 205/60/15. Can't go any wider because rear well is too close a
fit. Acceleration-takes some revving to get it moving (though it does scream
to redline quite well and it doesn't mind being stuck in 2 or 3rd gear for
long periods of time). Roof rack-Yakima doesn't make one for this car. Thule
does. Audi's costs 450$. I jsut dumped $1200 into it for a new clutch release
bearing (don't ask) and the 60K tune up. It costs a lot to maintain Audis.
Lots more if they are rare.

Suggestions: Gleened from this group and experience: to make this car
AWESOME, talk to Ned (Ritchie?) at Intended Acceleration for a 65HP gain at
$800. (87-89 5 cylinder turbos are easier to modify than '91 and on models,
it seems).