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Re: 5kTQ trans fill (&flush) - How To

Hi All,

I liked Mike's trans and diff flush&fill.  BTW Mike, judging by one of your 
e-mail addresses, GO STATE, BEAT (AUBURN?)!!  It got me thinking.  I have a 
92 CSQW with a (gasp!) auto trans.  Does anyone know how the reliability of 
automatic Q's has compared with those with a manual trans?  And what kind of 
fluid replacement is recommended to keep it happy?  Also, I guess that I am 
one of those several hundred other subscribers lurking out there.  I joined 
the list after our recent purchase of the wagon.  I appreciate those who post 
regularly.  You contribute a lot of useful information.  I will make an 
attempt when and if I can.  My previous Audi experience (mine and family 
members) consists of '79, '85 and '87 5000S's.  So many of these posts strike 
a very familiar chord.


90 Mazda 626GT (Only mentioned because it was the best selling Japanese car 
in Germany)