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Re: Fog Fog Fog!

> > Another question from this newbie. 88 5kCSTQ.
> > Having a really bad fog-problem. Outside temp is about 0C, inside is set to
> > 21C, so the climate control pumps only warm air, and its not able to defog.
> > Tried setting inside temp to as low as "LO", but that doesnt solve the 
> > problem. This is my first car w/ climate control, maybe I'm not using
> > it properly, or is it a common problem? More important, is there a solution?

I'll bet your problem is due to the C/C recirculate door being stuck in the 
recirculate position ... we had this problem on our '88 5kCSTQW as well.  The 
problem is due to a seal moving and exposing some adhesive that eventually 
ends up fastening the door in position.  When the vacuum motor attempts to 
set the door to allow fresh air in, but the seal is so tight that the mount 
breaks before the door opens.  There is an Audi tech bulletin on this pro-
cedure, and it isn't *That* difficult one at that.  The new mount is made 
out of metal as well.  As I recall I posted the procedure earlier this year 
... found it (2/23/95).  I've gotta run so I can't proof things well, but 
read this over and feel free to ask any further questions ... Oh yeah ... I 
did have a similar problem when the engine water thermostat broke in the 
open position.  I was on the freeway when the temp was below freezing ... 
the engine temp went all the way down below normal operating range and the 
heater didn't ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)