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Re: Fog Fog Fog!

> Another question from this newbie. 88 5kCSTQ.
> Having a really bad fog-problem. Outside temp is about 0C, inside is set to
> 21C, so the climate control pumps only warm air, and its not able to defog.
> Tried setting inside temp to as low as "LO", but that doesnt solve the 
> problem. This is my first car w/ climate control, maybe I'm not using
> it properly, or is it a common problem? More important, is there a solution?
> Thanks,
> Vinod
> BTW, the problem is BAD coz the fog is very dense - dense enough for
> me to be able to recognize objects outside...

Let me be the first to ask:  Is the heater core okay?  Heater
cores seem to go in these cars fairly predictably.  They leak a
little coolant into the airbox, and presto, every time the blower
comes on, so does the fog.  The harder you try to defrost the
worse it gets.  You would also notice the smell of coolant in the
car when the blower turns on.

I spent about 5 hours last Sunday replacing said item in my
wife's '86 5kTQW.  Not too hard, but takes awhile to find all the
connections so that the airbox, which contains the blower and the
heater core, can be removed.  Audi charges for about 4 hours on
it, I think.

Good luck, 
Steve Barnes