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Re: AUDI 80

> I recently brought an AUDI 80 GL, March 1985.
> I was just wondering whether anybody had any experience of problems  
> with the electric windows switches. The front passenger window does  
> not work at all. The rear nearside works fine from the switch in  
> the back, but will only rise from the console switch in the front.

 My 1984 4kQ only had front electric windows, not rear.  The
switch was on the centre console, near the gearshift lever.  The
switches are terrible!  I would take them apart and clean and
epoxy them back to working order every coupla years.  Don't use
hot glue if you need to rebuild the plastic housing, the heat
generated at the contact point melts it.

 My 1990 90Q20V has the switches in the armrest, like my two
5kQ's.  The switches are terrible!
> I do have one fear about my purchase, and that I occasionally get a  
> small knock when steering on full lock. What problem is this  
> leading to, and how much will it cost?

Sounds like an outer cv joint.  No biggy in dollars.
> Thanks for your time,
> Sam