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Re: automatic -> manual conversion

> I am planning to convert my 4000S (1.8 4-cyl ) automatic to manual. If you
> have  a manual 5-speed tranny and/or driveshafts and/or flywheel that you
> are willing to sell please let me know. I would also appreciate any
> comments from people who have done it in the past.

You'll also need a clutch pedal and cable, and the bracket that bolts to the
motor that holds the clutch cable in place.  If your car has cruise control,
you'll also need some additional wiring as well as the vent switch.  I don't
remember for sure but you might also need a different speedo cable or speedo
... the swap certainly seems straightforward (and it is so long as the donor
car is sitting alongside!) but it might be easier and/or cheaper to fix your
tranny instead.  In a pinch, one from an old Fox will work except the cooler
has to be bypassed since these cars didn't have 'em.  I found one for all of
$100 a couple of years ago for my old '81 4k and it lasted another 40k until
the motor wore out at 280k (read as: "ex-girlfriend never checked the oil").

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